My name is Sam Simon, and this is my first blog post ever!

Im a blog virgin…a blirgin! (yes, I like to make up words), besides that very useful skill…I have been making artwork all of my life, and selling it for over 15 years.  I am the owner of Sam Simon Projects (, a NYC art and design business.  My focus is on design and artwork for babies and children.  I am very lucky to have worked with a stream of style savvy parents, celebrities, and a host of amazing interior designers.

In the first part of every project proposal I have ever written I always state this:

My goal is always to: exceed expectations and take your space to a higher level of beauty, function, and design.

If you continue to read my posts, I hope to do the same for you.  If you have questions, I would love to answer them, I will always have an honest and clear opinion.  Some of these opinions may be strong, starting with this one below.

Most art and design for Babies and Children makes me cringe!

The world of nursery and children’s room decor is very much akin to many other creative industries, like Pop Music or Movies for example.  In general, most Top 40 Songs or Films are, to be frank, sub par.  You know the films like “Wild Hogs” with that insufferable Tim Allen- obviously made with one goal, to turn a quick buck.  The same can be said for my industry- Artwork for Children, The majority of what is available is quite saccharin, lacking in good design or soul-and its only concern is sales.

However just like when you came across Lady Gaga last year, or saw E.T for the first time, you get reminded that there is amazing stuff out there.  When we find that gem, we become inspired!

In this blog I am going to focus primarily on wall decor- because it’s closest to my heart, and I 100% believe it is the most influential element of how a space looks, feels, and functions.  I’m sure you have been in a room where the wall color was way off, and the entire space suffers. It literally hurts me to be in rooms like that.  On the flip side – when a color in right, it sings, it’s beautiful, like a dream- it visually flavors the air, and makes the room delicious.

So friends, here’s what you have to look forward to: I will wax on color, wall treatments, artwork for children, DIY projects, and of course good and bad design.  If you see something awesome OR horrible, Send it to me!  I love to call out the good, and point out the bad.  Someone’s got to do it!

At the end of each article I will leave you with my color of the week.  Today’s color is called Birds Egg #2051-60  I used a Benjamin Moore Natura Paint in eggshell finish.

  This hue is like a more pale, slightly smokey version of a Tiffany box.  These silvery undertones of the color give it elegance.  When you enter the space – the hue makes the air seemingly fresher and cooler.  Enjoy some photos below… and yes, that chandelier was humongous!



Benjamin Moore's Birds Egg looks elegant, and that ginormous chandelier didn't hurt either!

Delores is gorgeous! Don't put her in the chorus.

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