Whenever I come across pictures of vintage dresses, I find myself staring at them and trying to imagine the women who wore them.  I will even make up stories in my head about what their lives were like. Were they married….did they have children…..did they have the life of a June Cleaver… the perfect housewife and mother…

Or I wonder if these women who wore these dresses were having thoughts of wanting more from life as women are able to have now.

Were these women allowed to have an opinion or were they able to predict the rest of their lives as just someones wife and mother….

All of these dressed are very classy and these women I believe were all smart enough to know that someday their daughters and granddaughters would be able to do things they could only dream of.

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Deborah Acquino is the owner of LotAspots, a company that sells children’s personalized accessories. Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/candicenkatiesart to see the latest designs. She has 3 children and resides outside of Charleston, S.C. with her husband Chris and 2 dogs, Simon and Skippy.
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