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Hurray! It’s Spring! The sun is out, but there is still a chill in the air. What blanket to use?
SwaddleDuo includes Two Different Premium Baby Soft Cotton Swaddling Blankets:
a Cotton Openweave Marquisette Swaddling Blanket® and
a Cotton Flannel Ultimate Receiving Blanket®

SwaddleDesigns® Swaddle Duo™ - SeaCrystal Duo

With the SwaddleDuo, new parents will be prepared for a variety of environmental temperatures to keep baby comfortably warm which is important as parents strive to create a safe sleep environment for their baby to sleep, thrive and grow.

SwaddleDesigns®, a baby product company founded by Lynette Damir, RN, is announcing the SwaddleDuo™. SwaddleDesigns SwaddleDuo includes two premium, yet different, swaddling blankets: The Ultimate Receiving Blanket – a lightweight premium cotton flannel blanket appropriate for moderate to cooler environmental temperatures, and the Marquisette Swaddling Blanket – a very lightweight openweave cotton blanket appropriate for warmer environmental temperatures. With the Swaddle Duo, new moms and dads will be prepared for swaddling baby in a variety of environmental temperatures – cool, moderate or warm.

“It is important for parents to dress their baby appropriately according to the current temperature of their environment and ensure baby is not too hot or too cold, but comfortably warm,” stated Lynette Damir, RN, Founder and CEO of SwaddleDesigns. “With our Swaddle Duo, parents will be prepared with a cotton flannel blanket for moderate to cool environments, and a very lightweight openweave marquisette blanket for warmer environments.”

According to leading SIDS researchers, both overheating AND overchilling are risk factors for SIDS as published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. In addition, it is important for parents to understand that when baby is too cool during sleep, baby will use valuable energy to stay warm instead of growing and thriving.

Over the past few years, several baby product companies have overemphasized overheating as a SIDS risk factor, and there has been a lack of conversation related to overchilling – the danger of baby becoming too cool due to insufficient clothing or coverings. It is time for a balanced conversation where parents are reminded of their important responsibility to make sure baby is not too hot or too cold, but comfortably warm.

The SwaddleDuo highlights the SwaddleDesigns Goldilock’s Guide™ “Baby should not be too hot or too cold, but just right – comfortably warm.”

It is important for parents to remember that no commercial blanket or fabric can naturally regulate a baby’s temperature or allow baby to regulate its temperature given the wide variation of environmental temperatures. Parents need to choose the appropriate fabric for their environment and touch and feel baby’s chest, back or tummy to ensure baby is comfortably warm.

SwaddleDesigns is focused on helping new parents care for their baby and providing accurate information so parents may make informed choices. It’s important to note that hospitals in the US trust and use cotton flannel blankets to swaddle babies. As a general guide the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents dress their baby in no more than one layer more than the parent would use to be comfortable in the same environment, because it is important to keep baby comfortably warm.

Swaddling is easy to learn with SwaddleDesigns® 123 Swaddle® instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket

SwaddleDesigns is known for well-designed, high-quality products at affordable prices, that help new parents care for their baby while providing educational value. Both blankets in the SwaddleDuo include SwaddleDesigns’ exclusive and helpful 123 Swaddle® instructional label sewn to the edge of the blanket – to help new parents master the art of swaddling. SwaddleDesigns blankets are the only swaddling blankets with how-to-swaddle pictorial instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket (patent pending).

The SwaddleDuo comes in 17 styles with combinations that mix and match with SwaddleDesigns product line, including the new Jewel Tone collection.

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