I hope this finds you feeling great in your pregnancy.  I am sure you have many thoughts and concerns regarding the way life is about to change as your baby’s arrival approaches.  One thing is for sure–if you have a well thought out and designed room for your new arrival, you can cross one more item off your list.

I am currently working on a bedroom/bathroom suite for an 11 year old girl.  While this is different than a nursery project, the design fundamentals are the same.  A design scheme that will be appealing to a preteen client but have the staying power to carry her through her college years is required.  My eleven year old client had one request–a purple and green room.

The first thing I had to consider was how the space was going to flow.  For the bedroom, we would need ample storage, a desk/work area, display space for all the things little girls collect, and a bed.  For the bathroom, a vanity with plenty of counter and storage space was a requirement.

With a color scheme in place I began the design process with the selection of bedding.  I selected a ready made duvet cover and pillow shams from one collection and combined it with sheets from a different collection. I’ve also mixed in some fabrics that will become a custom bed skirt and accent pillows.

I selected a carpet with a small pattern to be installed wall to wall. A carpet with pattern is a great way for hiding daily wear and tear, but also allows an additional design element.

From left to right:  The purple and green large print is the ready made bedding we seleceted, The plaid will be used for a custom bed skirt, the large stripe and floral will be used as accent pillows.  The small diamond pattern is the carpet we chose.  The final photo is the schematic board.

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