People, put down the Pooh!

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Most new parents want their baby’s nursery to be something special and personal, just for their baby….right?  Here is a very simple concept which provides a very artful and tasteful statement, letting you express yourself with minimal effort and time involvement.  Frame a collection of images from either a favorite picture book or illustrator.  However simple this concept is- below are a couple tips to make the work you put in result in something chic, vs something expected.

I have been in the baby game for over 15 years- so I’m going to say it! “People put down the Pooh!”   Yes….when I hear that dreamy melody and cute words “That, Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff” it does two things to me:

1, Brings me back to my childhood, sitting on my couch, waiting for the television show to begin…

2,   ….and pretty much describes my own current belly situation…. “tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff”  yes….I could do more crunches at the gym, AND I like french fries, cheese, and fudge a little too much.

3, When I see Pooh themed nurseries like the overdone one below…it makes me wanna…well,   poo poo.

I will not be the guy to say abandon your dreams of a Pooh  nursery- hey, if its what you really really want, rock it out.  Lets face it, Pooh is everywhere, he’s a mass market licensed ho of a bear!  Pooh is at Target, he’s at Sears, at Baby’s R Us…Winnie the Pooh is the single most purchased and produced licensed baby brand world wide.  I get it, people love pooh….however for me, I encourage people to find a hidden gem a road less traveled, …and that road in this case does not lead to the “hundred acre wood”.

Try to choose a motif either less known or more unique.  These are easy to find, look at your local thrift store for vintage books from the 40’s – 60’s they are at almost every vintage store for as little as twenty five cents!

Vintage Story books are readily available, nostalgic, and visually striking.

Choose 2 or more pages, and frame those suckers and get em on your walls!  Choose a pair of matched size pieces side by side, or create a more complex yet stunning composition like the one below.

This gorgeous room was found on , I love it, and this site, lots of great inspiration to be found here!!

If you are not a thrift store shopper and want a very easy WIN, take a look at one of my favorite illustrators, (and personal inspirations) Charley Harper who has been experiencing quite a renaissance.  Designers like Todd Oldham sing his praises!  Oldham wrote of Harper, “Charley’s inspired yet accurate color sense is undeniable, and when combined with the precision he exacts on rendering only the most important details, one is always left with a sense of awe.”

Harper’s influence is evident in so many current design trends of today, to the very popular Dwell Studio bedding, and the magical menagerie of ceramic animals created by the fantastic Jonathan Adler.  I often look to his work for inspiration for my animal paintings.  Mr. Parker is a visual genius- perfecting the self proclaimed style of minimal realism.  He is most famous for his illustrations in the Golden Book of Biology

Harper's sparrow is clearly the original inspiration for current design trends below.

Harper's influence is clear in this lovely Dwell Studio Sparrow Boudoir Pillow

Jonathan Adler's ceramic birds emulate Harpers modern and elegant simplicity. p.s. these birds or any of Adler's animals look awesome on a shelf in the nursery.

Harper’s amazingly beautiful illustrations make fantastic artwork for baby rooms.  They mix well with traditional or modern furniture!  Take a look at some of my favorite images below.  Available is a wonderful coffee table book, as well as several books geared for children, any page would make a very cute and chic statement on the walls of your nursery!



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