Two Girls room in one

At times our homes many times we have limited spaces,and when it comes to our kids, there are times when sharing is a must! But….we still can make a “splash room “as its all in the adds on as they say  “its all in the details”~.As you can see here in Kim’s room, a Bellini and Nava’s Designs customer, what she did was manage to create a room of drama for her 2 girls.

The Bellini Roma twin bed, Valentina twin bedding ensemble by Navas designs, along with the Alexandra crib bedding on Bellini Danny crib and her custom accessories which include ,windows treatments, a cute Rug, crown for the wall, and a post lamp all rhyme in  PERFECT harmony!

Lovely to see Lucky girls for sure~

P.S. Kim has now moved to a bigger house on the Island and space is not issue, yet she is expecting her fourth child!! Best Wishes!

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About Nava Writz

Nava Writz is an icon in the baby bedding and nursery accessory industry, offering clients the ultimate in luxurious, detailed and finely crafted baby bedding for over 25 years. Visit to see her entire collection.
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