Best Swaddle Blanket Ever

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Last post I sung the praises of my favorite cozy-warm-fuzzy baby blanket, among other things. And at the risk of seeming a little blanket-obsessed, I just HAD to post about a swaddle blanket I received as a gift for my little one’s baptism last weekend. Have you snuggled a Zebi Swaddle Blanket?

I am going to steal it from my poor innocent baby.

It is 100% certified organic cotton muslin. It is thin and a bit stretchy and crinkly. The colors and patterns are modern and classic at the same time. The packaging is cute as can possibly be! And you can’t have enough blankets with a baby I always say. The generous 47″ x 47″ size is thin and lightweight when opened out, but pretty darn cozy when folded in quarters, so it’s great in any season, even if you don’t swaddle!

The bonus to the fact that you will like it as much as your baby? Well, if you’re like me, you will swipe it at off times and use it on your lap or around your shoulders and the blankie will smell just like mama when you give it back to its owner.

I have officially found the baby shower gift I will give at every baby shower from now until forever. (And NO! I don’t work for Zebi or get a kickback for this post!  ;)

Happy snuggling!

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