A Blessingway

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Are you familiar with the term Blessingway?

 A Blessingway is a special way to honor the new mom to be. It’s a celebration of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Gathering the mother’s closest friends and female relatives, the guests at a blessingway bless, pamper and nurture the mother to-be.
Baby Showers celebrate the arrival of the new baby by showering the new parents with gifts the new baby and parents will need. A Blessingway is a more intimate celebration focused on the new mom as she transitions to motherhood.
Prayers and poems may be read. Sometimes guests are asked to write their poem, prayer or blessing on special paper which is then bound in a book for the mom to be to keep.
Oftentimes candles are lit as the guests each state their good wishes, blessing or poem. Or beads may be strung one by one on a cord for the mother to keep.
Guests who are unable to attend may still participate by sending their poem or blessing for the hostess to read and include in the celebration.
Signing up to cook a meal for the new family is a wonderful way to support the new mom as well.

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