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Snuggle Friends we love!

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I don’t know what it is, but I am always searching for the coziest, softest, cutest snuggle friends.  I love to decorate with stuffed animals and always want to fill my children’s room with them.  Fill a basket with them, … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Furry Friends

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Everyone can remember a special stuffed animal from their childhood or when their children were young that was depended upon for comfort and security. It seems as if kids really think these special friends are real!  Many a conversation have been heard between a child and a stuffed friend. I remember my … Continue reading

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Cuddle Up Cuddle Bear

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I came across a great new product, that I predict will be the next big thing in…stuffed animals (that is if stuffed animals ever have a big thing????). Cuddle Bears, by the Elks and Angels give an all natural cuddle. … Continue reading

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