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Kate Lauren designs is a soft and whimsical bedding company from Australia.  Created by mom, Julia Parianos who is now a mother of three.  She has always wanted to create a mix of fresh, timeless and elegant collections for children’s rooms. Each collection has been inspired and named after her own children or her children’s friends. Their stories are real stories and she says she has tried to capture the essence of their characters through her designs.  Not only does she create bedding, but fun and playful accessories using coordinating fabrics.  Her accessories line includes lanterns, pillows, blankets, lamp shades and wall decor.

We had the chance to chat with Julie and find out what inspires her.

1. What everyday things inspires you to create your collections?

My children and my children’s friends are a constant inspiration to me. Each of my collections is named after one of my kids (Luke Michael is my son, Sophie Elizabeth is my youngest daughter, and Kate Lauren Designs was named after my eldest daughter). They truly do inspire me and each collection includes a brief description of its namesake’s personality.

2. What is your favorite collection from Kate Lauren Designs?

It really is difficult to choose! I think our newest collection, Zachary Hunter, is my favorite right now. It is so soft and fresh and would suit a baby’s nursery just as well as a teenager’s retreat.

3. With such a busy schedule, how do you balance work, family, and me time?

Lots of late nights and not a lot of sleep! I’ve never worked harder in my life and am absolutely loving every minute of it. I try to outsource where I can and have help with house cleaning and other duties, to free up more time for work and family. When I am away on travel, I always make sure I have some “me time” whether it is having a long hot soak in the bath or reading a great book.

4. What advice would you have for other moms just trying to start their own dream company?

I think you have to know beyond a doubt that it is what you want to pursue. There is a tremendous amount of work involved in starting up your own company and there may be times when you feel like giving up. However if you are passionate about what you do, you will find a way through.

5. Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new collections or products?

I am currently working on another collection for boys. There isn’t as much choice in décor for boy’s rooms here in Australia. While red and navy colours are a traditional option for boys’ room décor, there are so many more great color palettes that I would like to offer customers.

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