Introducing Wristy Buddy

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We are on a mission, this first month of 2013, for new finds that will make mommy and baby’s day easier and happier.  We came across a great invention from a mom and dad team.

Their son always had his fist and pajamas in his mouth, which is not new to parents. However, the “ah ha” moment came to the Goodmans and Wristy Buddy was born.

Their infant son lacked the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects and would reach for the nearest thing that would provide him relief. They wanted to create something that would solve the problem of his clothes being wet and give him relief from teething. Wristy Buddy proves to be so successful and is now available to other parents struggling to help their teething infants find relief.

It comes in two adorable animal shapes, a lion and cow.  It’s a must “try it” baby product of 2013.



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