With October’s arrival comes a new reality for moms; it’s cold outside and baby needs to stay warm!  Thus begins the routine of bundling up your little one for daily outings and adding hats, gloves, socks and blankets to your already over-stuffed diaper bag.  Getting through winter certainly is no easy feat for moms with babies.  Here are some ideas to help make this winter a little easier for you and a little warmer for your mini-me.

Gear Up: Having the right gear to keep your little one warm is step one to any successful winter.  While there are many adorable hats and gloves out there, keep in mind that babies like to pull hats off their heads, so buy one that ties under the chin. Also, remember that the gloves with 5 fingers are adorable, but not always the easiest to put on baby’s fingers.  check out these hats and gloves by The Baby Gap.


Bed Time:  Sleep sacks are a great option for younger babies who cannot sleep with a blanket and need an extra layer of warmth.  Halo has some available in cotton or fleece, for maximum baby comfort.   Remember that the ideal temperature for baby is the same as it is for you so don’t overdress your little one!

Plan Indoor Activities.  As the weather gets colder, those days of easy activities (think a walk through the neighborhood or visit to the playground) are over.  Plan winter activities ahead and avoid being delegated to the role of event coordinator on a daily basis.  There are plenty of free and pay indoor activities to help keep your little one occupied on even the coldest of days.  Barnes and Noble stores nation-wide offer story times for toddlers on a weekly basis.  These story times are free, indoors, and better yet, provide easy access to Starbucks for moms!  Take your little one to a class at a children’s fitness center.  These fitness centers include GymboreeThe Little Gym and, a personal favorite – My Gym.  While programs at these facilities are not free (they generally range from $40-50 per monthly membership), most facilities offer free trial classes so that you can find the option that works best for you and your baby.

Be Prepared: Keep umbrellas and an ice scraper in your trunk, extra formula/milk in the house, your gas tank full and your medicine cabinet stocked.  Being prepared will help ensure that no unwanted outdoor trips are needed with baby on days when it is too cold to go outside.

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