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This past weekend, I was shocked and surprised to the point of copious tears by my closest girlfriends. They threw me a stunningly beautiful shabby-chic tea as a sprinkle for my 3rd baby due in a few weeks. Believe me when I tell you that I did not expect any sort of celebration at all except for maybe a few flowers once we brought the baby home. I felt truly blessed.

But here’s the kicker, and why I wanted to share here on the blog. My friends didn’t buy gifts for the baby. (I’m having my 3rd boy and truly need nothing.) They didn’t buy pampering gifts of nighties and lotions and massages for me either. (With 3 boys, I’d likely be hard pressed to squeeze in pampering right away anyway.) What they DID bring was the best gift of all; Homecooked Meals.

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My friends know me well. I despise cooking. I’d eat cereal every night for dinner if I didn’t have small mouths to feed. So, my friends brought me my favorite foods, in Tupperware and casserole dishes, with instructions and little treats for dessert, and snack paks for the kiddos. These treasures will keep me sane in the days we first get home with our new bundle. I thought it was the best idea ever. An afternoon of tea sandwiches and a trunkful of Tupperware to take home. What 2nd or 3rd… or 8th time mama wouldn’t love that!?

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