We were recently asked to pull together 3 looks from clothes found only on target.com for girls (ages 0-5). The result? 1. City Chic, 2. Prim & Proper w/a Little Edge, and 3. Outdoors-y Cozy! We share with you our do’s, don’ts and general tips for weeding through the masses to come out with a few presentable looks:

1. CITY CHIC – for this look, we started with one outstanding item: the 3/4 sleeve tunic. We loved the stand-out nature of this whimsical yet fun print and offset its billowy nature with a pair of lengthening leggings and boots. Add a bit of unexpected color for the outer layer and accessorize with a fun scarf. Voila, a city chic look!

DO pull a complimentary tone (dark purple) from a piece (tunic) and use as an accessory (scarf)

DON’T let layering break the outfit, meaning make sure the outfit works regardless of what piece you remove (e.g. scarf still works without coat)

2. PRIM & PROPER w/a LITTLE EDGE - for this look, we chose classic colors: khaki, white, navy, then added some pop with one eye-catching color, and completed the look with a pair of outstanding shoes. This outfit is so chock full of layers that it can be stripped down to 3 looks during the course of a day. All for $65? Why not!

DO maximize the appeal of a ‘look’ by staying consistent with a chosen theme: classic (i.e. pleat with polo and trench), then add one unexpected item for a little edge (i.e. animal print flats)

DON’T have more than one item that is meant to draw the eye (in this case, the shoes)

3. OUTDOORS-Y COZY – for this look, we started with the accessories, then worked to complement the outfit. We loved these faux fur boots and comfy cozy hat/mitten set. In order to balance the furry-ness, we chose the sleekness of these amazing jeggings and lightness of this sophisticated blouse. Layer over the vest to tie in the brown, we’ve got outdoors-y cozy.

DO be selective about prints for kids – go for sophisticated (blouse) and minimize any attention to the all-too-common (e.g. polka dot) if they must be used at all

DON’T overdo the faux fur particularly for kids as it’s easy to overwhelm their petite stature and risk looking like she’s trying too hard

General Tips: 1) Fabrication: this is most important as it instantly defines ‘cheap-looking’ from ‘chic-looking’ so go for quality here (no fleece, flannel or polyester cottons); 2) Prints: look for unique-ness and sophistication here vs. the all-too-common polka dots, appliques and logos; 3) Colors: stay away from pastels and primary colors. Go for the ‘shades-of’ and in-between tones which as a general rule of thumb tend to be colors found in nature.

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About Aiko

Aiko Decelles is the designer for Dan Dan, a children's clothing line based in NYC. The concept behind the collection is clothing that grows with the child: wear it for longer and/or wear it more than one way. She currently resides in NYC with her husband and baby girl. Fore more on her collection, visit http://www.dandangoods.com
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