Fun Foods For Kids!

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It is a known fact that if you want to get your kids to eat good healthy foods all you have to do is  get more creative! I came across some really cleaver ideas!! You  will be surprised to see your child try things that you may have thought they would never eat.  It’s worth giving it a try to get more creative!  All you need to do is pick out your child’s favorite fruit and create their favorite characters, even better is letting them be your helper making the fun snacks.

This one I actually did make and it was wonderful. Maybe not the most healthiest but the kids will truly enjoy it. So much fun! So easy to do. Just skewer the turkey dog  slices with the dry pasta and put in boiling water. cook as long as you would normally cook pasta. Make sure to put them in a large size pot. Because the turkey dogs float, It does prevent the pasta from tangling with one another. I just removed them individually with a slotted spoon when they were done. YUM! YUM!

This was just sweet! I would imagine it would involve a small heart cookie cutter. Very cleaver!

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