Did You Finish Your Chores?

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There are many fun and creative ways now to encourage your children to get their chores done. A chart is a great visual way to show them what chores are expected to be completed and also allows them to see what they have accomplished. I found some wonderful ideas on Etsy where all the creative moms are!!  It is never to soon to start your children with small tasks to be accomplished throughout their day. Check out the shops listed below.

1.  Violetgirl323  2.Abbieshouse 3.Mybigblueworld 4.Thoughtsandblocks

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Deborah Acquino is the owner of LotAspots, a company that sells children’s personalized accessories. Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/candicenkatiesart to see the latest designs. She has 3 children and resides outside of Charleston, S.C. with her husband Chris and 2 dogs, Simon and Skippy.
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