Curling Up with a Good Book

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When I look back at my childhood in the 1940’s and 1950’s, my most fond memories are being snuggled in my mother’s lap as she reads my sister and I books full of stories and adventures. The soft aroma of opening a new story for the first time and gently bending the binding to display the pages wide open are still titillating.

We asked questions, pointed to the pictures when a character was recognized and helped turn the pages to see what comes next. And even when I was able to read myself, I still wanted my mother to read to me. It was our quiet time and we looked forward to it everyday. I carried on the tradition with my son who now carries it on with his family.

But now our beautiful treasures full of carefully executed illustrations may be at risk.
The impending perpetrator is technology running wild. Kindles and Ipads are hovering ready to steal the adventure of holding a new bound book with a fascinating artful cover and pages to turn and flip.

Instead your finger tip moves the screen to the next page, without the experience of the printed paper, be it slick and smooth, or matte and vintaged.

When I visit children’s rooms I am so pleased to see a bookcase crammed with a plethora of titles ranging from baby books with thick cardboard pages to adventure stories for the young readers. And best of all is finding their favorites smudged from sticky fingers and worn from years of love.

So I take a stand: Ipads and Kindles do have a place in our tekky life, but keep away from our children until they fully embrace the enchantment of real, live books!

Please enjoy these photos from a few of my very favorite books and illustrators:

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