Valentines in Room Seven

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There are some atrocious and downright absurd ideas out there about what constitutes an appropriate valentines day outfit for girls. A simple google search will net you results that illustrate exactly what we mean! The key is to not look specifically for the obvious insignia (hearts, cupid, kisses) but rather the feel (romance, soft, loving) in an outfit. We scoured the winter collections of dozens of designers in search of the perfect combination of romance, soft and loving and found it inĀ Room Seven. We love the vintage feel, the romance it most definitely exudes and the perfect little bit of rose color to be fitfully valentines:

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Aiko Decelles is the designer for Dan Dan, a children's clothing line based in NYC. The concept behind the collection is clothing that grows with the child: wear it for longer and/or wear it more than one way. She currently resides in NYC with her husband and baby girl. Fore more on her collection, visit
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