For all of you blurry-eyed, over-tired and delirious parents to newborns out there, you want to pay attention to this amazing fashion-find! If you’re like me and find yourself fumbling around in the wee hours of midnight to morning cursing as you try to match up those damned snaps up one leg and down the other on your squirmy little one who’s increasingly being awakened by this tediousness, then look no further for the perfect onesie: The Miki House “hadagi” is not only designed and sewn with the utmost care for baby’s tender skin, but it comes with all of TWO snaps. One on each leg. It will change your life.

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About Aiko

Aiko Decelles is the designer for Dan Dan, a children's clothing line based in NYC. The concept behind the collection is clothing that grows with the child: wear it for longer and/or wear it more than one way. She currently resides in NYC with her husband and baby girl. Fore more on her collection, visit
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