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When some of us moms at Bellini discovered Talkatoo charms we had to order them for our 5 year olds starting Kindergarten.  Talkatoo are these adorable charms that record cute little sayings in your voice.  You could attach them to their backpack, lunch bags, or wear them as a necklace.  Record 30 seconds of you saying “so proud of you”, good luck today, I Love you”, or even your child’s favorite joke.  The comfort of knowing you are right there will make starting something new such as preschool, Kindergarten, or a sleepover that much easier.  We had the pleasure to chat with founder of Talkatoo, Sheila Wright, and found out a little more about her creation.

What inspired you to create Talkatoo?

My kids were the inspiration for talkatoo, they’re the inspiration for all my product ideas. When they were younger and I worked the day care drop offs were tough and I always felt like it would be easier if I could leave a piece of me with them. As they got older and went to school I thought it would be great to send them with little love messages or reminders. That was great until about 4th grade when I was instructed that no mushy stuff was allowed but jokes or plain silliness was welcome. Much to my dismay they continued to grow up and now they carry messages from their friends.

What 3 words best describe your products?

  1. Fun
  2. Cool
  3. Sweet

Tell us more about your giving back program with K.I.D.S

For every talkatoo we sell on our website we donate a talkatoo to Kids In Distressed Situations. Together we decided that talkatoos would be great for military kids with deployed parents. If we could bring even one smile to those families who sacrifice so much for us then that would be wonderful. They actually forward talkatoos to Operation Homefront and they distribute them to families with upcoming deployments. We’re getting ready to make our 3rd wave of donations and thanks to the support of our customers we’ll soon be getting hundreds more talkatoos to military kids.

Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new designs or any new products added to the Talkatoo collection?

We aren’t planning any new talkatoo designs this year, but may do some fun new ones next year. Later this year we have 2 fabulous new products coming out that we hope moms and kids are going to love. One is called Talkatales, a recordable drawable book where kids draw their own pictures and then record their own story. I want one from when my kids were younger –‘ The things I love about my mommy’ in their sweet little voices. The other is called Loopdedoo, an innovative crafting tool that makes really unique, gorgeous bracelets and necklaces. The tweens and teens who’ve tried it go wild over it so that is super exciting.

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