We are obsessed with all things black and white at Trumpette. Their irresistibleĀ loafers and mary-jane socks and tights have become so ubiquitous and commonplace (and why wouldn’t they?), but they have new stuff to be obsessed about!

How could you not love the rain when you can sport these crazy cute rain gear? Like everything else they come in all kinds of colors, but we love the simplicity of the black on white. Don’t you just die for these boots? C’mon!

If for whatever nutty reason the wears aren’t really your thing, then check out the equally cool black and white items in their gifting category – glitzy keepsakes to plush toys to party favors and there’s more …

Trumpette is edible! You can quite literally eat them up. This spring, keep a look out for Trumpette sock cookies!

Whatever will they come up with next … edible underwear? Probably!

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About Aiko

Aiko Decelles is the designer for Dan Dan, a children's clothing line based in NYC. The concept behind the collection is clothing that grows with the child: wear it for longer and/or wear it more than one way. She currently resides in NYC with her husband and baby girl. Fore more on her collection, visit http://www.dandangoods.com
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