Moms do not have it easy when we head outdoors in the winter time. Trying to maneuver a stroller through slush, sleet, rain and snow is no easy task…let alone trying to keep yourself and your baby warm while doing it. And the last thing you’re probably thinking about is trying to look stylish while attempting to go holiday shopping at the mall.

Don’t despair moms — there’s a few accessories that you can add to your shopping list this week that will make your life so much easier come the next snow or rain storm.

Have you ever tried to drive a stroller one-handed while holding an umbrella on a crowded sidewalk? Not easy or fun! Try the My Blue BumberShoot Handsfree Umbrella, $49.99, at

Keep your hands warm and dry this winter with mittens just for your stroller because this way you’ll never be left searching for the missing mittens once you leave the store or your house! Mommy Mitten, $29.99, at

Don’t let your scarf fall off your neck this winter, go for a stylish infinity scarf that will keep you warm and won’t go falling to the ground even if baby pulls as hard as they can! Popcorn Knit Infinity Scarf, $14.94, at

Jump on the faux fur trend this season with a cozy and warm trapper hat! You’ll look super chic and you won’t even need to brush your hair before you leave the house. Fur Pom Pom Trapper Hat, $34.95, at

Shoes! Shoes are so important and there are so many to choose from. Boots of any kind will work depending on the weather you’re dredging through but for the worst kind of winter weather try the new Sorel Tofino Boot, $139.95, at, for an extra dose of style.

Last but not least…don’t forget to switch to your waterproof diaper bag for the winter. There’s nothing worse then rain spots on your brand new leather bag. I love the prints and budget-friendly tote from Baby Star, $60, at

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