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This is a new category of posts I will be doing where I take off my retailer gloves, put aside the therapist hat and tell it to you straight from one mom to another.

In this post I have put a collection together of a few of my very favorite baby products in a random assortment of categories.  I have personally used all of these and have found them to be outstanding. Here’s what I found…

*Best Secret Weapon Against Cradle Cap: Mustela Foam Shampoo

A mommy friend shared this secret with me in the park, after I had been dousing my poor son in baby oil and within days his cradle cap was gone.

*Favorite Gear Splurge- Uppa Vista $679.99

What I love about the Vista is that it’s the one and only stroller you need.  It works with a baby carrier (with purchase of attachement), it comes with a bassinet and adjustable seat. The wheels make for a smooth ride, the basket is perfect for lots of bags, books, toys and snacks.

*Must Have Crib Accessories-Tiny Love Mobiles & Gentle Giraffe

I’ll be the first to admit I was on the search for the perfectly accessorized mobile, but when I saw how entertaining these mobiles were I gave in. The Tiny Love mobiles are the best, period. They stimulate your baby and with remote control access make it easy to turn it on and off. The Gentle Giraffe Southing Sounds works.  If you have a baby that’s having trouble falling back to sleep, step away from the crib.  Refrain from night bouncing and simply turn on your giraffe.  Let the white noise, sounds of the ocean or jungle lull your little fuss pot back to sweet dreams.

*Items You Can Really Live Without-In my humble opinion ;)

On every baby checklist the following items will appear, but after two kids, here are some items that maybe, just maybe you can live without…

-The Diaper Dekor.  I say use a garbage can and throw it out with frequency.  These Diaper Genie/Diaper Dekor products end up stinking and become more trouble than they are worth.

-Wipes Warmer/Bottle Warmer-Wipes are cold!  And sometimes even babies need to face the harsh truth.  If you start warming things like bottles and wipes babies expect them to ALWAYS be warm.  What happens when you are on an airplane or a in a mall and you don’t have your warming instruments on hand??? It’s not a pretty sight.  Go room temp.

*Best Highchair-Prima Papa by Peg Perego

I don’t feel like the selection of a highchair should be one to debate or stress over. They all get disgusting after one meal and they are impossible to keep clean ( I mean have you ever looked in the crevices of your highchair straps-yuck!).  But the Prima Papa just works.  It’s comfortable, adjustable and stable. Enough said.

O.k. that’s all for now…I will be back some more mommy opinions next week…stay tuned :) If you have a great product let me know, send me a comment!

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