As the holiday season approaches, I am always on the hunt for luxurious gift items for the little people in our lives.  Here are some of my favorite over the top finds…stay tuned for my favorite gifts under $20, coming soon!

1. Cashmere for him and her by Baby CZ

2. Some sweet rides…no license needed

3. A delicious playhouse by Dylan’s Candy Bar for a small fortune…just $15,000

4. Gorgeous jewels by Iceing on Top

5.  Tiffany Alphabet Box….adorable from A to Z

6.  Wrap them up in super soft lux by Little Giraffe

7.  Designer kicks by Gucci or Burberry

8.  If you can afford any of these gifts than this is my favorite gift…the gift of giving.  Sponsor a child or volunteer at a soup kitchen, but remind your fortunate child that not everyone is as lucky as him or her.


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Michelle is the owner of Bellini Stamford and the bean's closet, an online baby gift boutique. She is also a contributor to She resides in Bergen County NJ with her husband Craig, 2 children, Stella & Nate and Soft Coated Wheaton Ellie.
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