Maybe I missed the memo about this amazing service, or maybe I discovered gold, but either way I needed to pass along this great find.  Belly-Jeans, is a priceless service that takes your favorite jeans and for about $27 makes them into maternity jeans. It KILLS me to spend big bucks on maternity clothes, but let’s face it, a girl can’t go 10 months without a good pair of jeans.  Belly-jeans takes your jeans and adds the maternity band so you still get to enjoy the one piece of clothing you can’t live without.  I sent her my Jbrand jeans (that probably would be out of style by the time I could fit back into them again) and she did a fabulous job converting them.  It made me feel great to wear a piece of clothing from my “real wardrobe” and they were totally comfortable.   The process was made easy and painless by the one woman show (and get this…mother of 6), Cheryl, who owns and operates the whole operation.  Find out more at or email cheryl at  Tell her we sent you!

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