Giving birth to a baby, whether it’s your first born or any baby thereafter, it’s a very special day. If it were their first birthday, you would be dressed to the nines, have every hair place and enough make-up on to look like you’ve actually slept in the past 48 hours. So why would you want the actual “birth” day to be any different.

With immediate uploads of photos to Twitter and Facebook, your face is sure to be seen by all your friends and family moments after you give birth to your new bundle of joy so be prepared for the big arrival by packing one of our favorite fashionable hospital gowns in your bag. You’ll look great and feel good knowing that you’re wearing something that doesn’t make you look like every other person staying in the hospital and that you’re celebrating a big day — giving birth to a baby!

B.Y.O.G (Bring Your Own Gown), $95, at

LaborLooks Gown, $59.95, at

Pretty Pushers Disposable Delivery Gown, $37.92, at

Delivery Gownies, $29.99 and up, at

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