Collapsible Lunch Boxes

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I don’t know about y’all but even in this heat we are always outside.  Play dates at the park have been swapped for lunch dates at the pool.  My friend whipped out the coolest contraption on the picnic bench last week and I couldn’t contain my excitement.  Yes, I got excited over Tupperware.  Sad, right.  But I think  you will too.  It’s collapsible which makes storage a breeze and some have little compartments to keep different foods from touch.  A toddler parents dream.  She found hers at our local home goods but I did some online investigation and found them available at HSN and on Amazon.  I love all the bright colors and can’t wait to order a few of these for my lunch too!

Wouldn’t this make the best little gift?

MoMa silicon lunch box

MoMa collapsible lunch box

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