5 Must-Have Products For Your Newborn

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With three little ones, including an 11 week old, I’ve gone through my fair share of baby products. Thankfully living in a small apartment with very little space, I’ve learned just what you do and don’t need during those first few months at home with baby.

I have become somewhat of a minimalistic since having my third child and try to use only the baby products that I really and truly need. There are so many baby products out there on the market that it can easily get overwhelming. There are five baby products that I’ve used nearly everyday for the past 11 weeks with my son. These are must-have products to have on hand when you bring your baby home.

Infants often want to be held and close to you, but as any parent knows, you can’t hold them as much as they want to be held. The Ergobaby Wrap lets you safely keep baby close to you while keeping your hands free and able to do other things. The fabric on this wrap is stretchy and comfortable while keeping baby snug and close. It does take a little practice to tie it, but Ergobaby has a really helpful video on their site. My son spends so much time in this when I need to help my daughters and during the dreaded witching hour. It’s helped me be a little bit more productive while still keeping him happy.


Neither of my girls liked being swaddled because they second that I tried to swaddle them, they would somehow figure out a way to get out of it. Thankfully I have found a swaddle blanket that even my squirmy little boy can’t wiggle his way out of. The Ergobaby Swaddler is great because it easily wraps up baby while keeping him in an ergonomic position. It also allows you to keep them swaddled while changing their diapers so you don’t have to disturb them too much during those middle of the night changes.


I’ve had the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle n’ Swing since my oldest daughter was born nearly five years ago. This swing has worked tried and true for all three kids. It helps soothe and calm allowing me a little bit of time to get things done around the house or for myself.


If there is something that I make sure to never leave the apartment without it has to be the aden + anais Bamboo Swaddle Blankets. While I don’t usually use them for swaddling, I do use them for stroller blankets, nursing covers, and a sun shade over the carrier. They are the softest and most breathable blankets I’ve ever felt and I love the versatility that they offer.


While many people might think this looks gross from the start, the Snotsucker from NoseFrida is an absolute must. You can throw away the blue build syringe that they give you at the hospital because this is all they need. Newborns are known to get congested often and this Snotsucker allows you to safely and easily get the mucous out of their nose without irritating their nasal cavity.


What are your must-have baby products?

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