I don’t know about you but ever since I became a mom the bikini was hung up never to be seen again. I’ve lost most of the post-baby weight but I haven’t lost the stretch marks and the ability to keep everything in place as I bend over to tend to the baby. It’s not a pretty sight and one that I rather leave to those that can actually “work it” in a bikini. However, the one-piece bathing suit has made a huge comeback this season and the choices are endless making it easier than ever to shop for one. A black bathing suit would do just fine but you’ll end up looking like every other mom on the beach this summer so why not put yourself out there and go for one of the super stylish yet mom-friendly printed one-piece bathing suits?!

From those with cut-outs to a tan-line friendly bandeau topĀ and with four under $100, you might be able to find two that will really suit you for the season. Which one is your favorite?

Printed One-Piece Bathing Suits


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Christine Fox is a San Diego-based freelance writer and Everyday Mama to two. She is a style contributor to StyleBakeryMom.com and also has her own site at EverydayMama.com.
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