If you’re like most of the modern world, you definitely don’t look like a celebrity after giving birth to a 7 lb. baby. In fact, you don’t even feel like a celebrity or yourself those first few weeks of recovery either. You’re sleep-deprived, overwhelmed and just trying to get into a routine with your newest addition. Style is the last thing on your mind.  Believe me, I get it!

However, those first few weeks are when you need to look your best as photos are snapped for memory books and you have more visitors than ever wanting to see your little bundle of joy. There’s nothing worse than looking back on those moments and seeing a photo of yourself with under eye circles and a t-shirt that resembles your high school PE shirt.

Here’s a look at five styles that will give you the style boost you need to compliment your post-baby body and will give everyone the impression that you really do have it together!

If you don’t fit into your pre-baby jeans just yet (most of us don’t), feel free to wear your maternity jeans but wear a longer shirt or sweater to cover-up the elastic waistband. I recommend wearing a tunic during this time as they are slimming on top and cover your bottom as well. Picholine Glimmer Tunic, $228, at anthropologie.com. For a more budget-friendly version, try the Sabine Cashmere Blend Cowl Tunic, $98, at piperlime.com.

 A good rule to remember is that compression clothing is your friend these next few months. If you’re nursing, opt for a slimming nursing tank like the Yummie Tummie Nursing T Tank, $86, at yummielife.com, to wear underneath your sweaters and shirts. It slims and shapes your post-baby tummy and will make you feel skinny and like a million bucks!

Don’t underestimate the style power of a long cardigan or sweater. It hides everything in the front and back and is on-trend right now. Try one in a fun southwestern print this season! Four Corners Visit Cardigan, $87.99, at modcloth.com.

Wrap dresses and tops are the perfect style to hide your new belly and ample top. They are easy to nurse in and with their empire waist style, make you look fabulous from top to bottom. Faux Wrap Dress, $69.50, at victoriassecret.com.

The bottom half of your new post-baby body is always harder to dress than the top. Our hips widen and never seem to go back to where they were. However, you can feel comfortable in pants other than just leggings or your maternity pants. I highly recommend the B.D.A. Pant by Belly Bandit, $69.95, at bellybandit.com for both comfort and style. If you’re ready to just get back into your jeans again, try buying a couple of budget-friendly jean styles until you can wear your old ones again.

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Christine Fox is a San Diego-based freelance writer and Everyday Mama to two. She is a style contributor to StyleBakeryMom.com and also has her own site at EverydayMama.com.
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