Plaid Perfect For Fall

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Once I start to receive Halloween catalogs in the mail, I know that summer is soon coming to an end. Every year it seems to come earlier and earlier but this year as I send two of my three kids off to school, I’m ready to bring on the fall season. Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year because your wardrobe is so versatile. You can still wear your favorite summer looks but transition them into the fall season with the addition of  a light sweater or jacket and swap sandals for boots.

This fall there are so many trends to choose from like shift dresses and mini skirts, bold colors and dark florals and also chunky knit sweaters and box bags. However one of my favorite prints is making a strong comeback for the season and that’s plaid. A strong plaid print is the perfect compliment to the fall season. You can wear it virtually anywhere and it comes in the form of shoes, pants, skirts, blouses and even purses. My suggestion is to mix-and-match it with your favorites from the summer to transition to the cooler fall season like a pair of jean shorts with a long sleeve plaid blouse or a plaid mini skirt with solid top and booties.

Do you have a favorite fall print?

Plaid Perfect
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