Sure it’s mid-summer but really, sunglasses are one of those items that you need year-round. In fact, you should replace them often as trying to see through scratched lenses could give you a “skewed” view of the world around you. However, I know it’s heart-breaking to see your favorite, expensive pair get thrown by the baby or in a frazzled moment get left behind at the restaurant because you were too busy remembering to take the baby’s sippy cup. Forget the expensive pair of sunglasses and try a chic and cheap pair that will leave you looking good and tear-free if something awful should happen to them.

Nude Metal Vintage Look Sunglasses, $36, at

Women’s Cut-Out Sunglasses, $9.50, at

Icon Eyewear ‘Paris’ ┬áSunglasses, $10, at

Halogen 2-Tone Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $33.90 (sale!), at

Round Sunglasses, $5.80, at

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