Hopefully winter will soon be a distant memory for most of us and we can look forward to warmer weather and ditching those bulky winter clothes for something lighter. This spring season it’s all about stylish comfort and the track pants that have been hitting the retail stores are something that any mom will love to add to her wardrobe. Fashioned with a drawstring waist and tapered at the ankle, these track pants are a welcome alternative to your everyday jeans but are much more stylish than just a regular pair of sweats.

Pair with everything from booties to fashion sneakers for a casual look and top off with a light spring sweater or a long sleeve tee. It’s one of the best looks for the season that every mom can enjoy whether you’re expecting, in your fourth trimester or just running after the kids at the park.

Drawstring Track Pants
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Christine Fox is a San Diego-based freelance writer and Everyday Mama to two. She is a style contributor to StyleBakeryMom.com and also has her own site at EverydayMama.com.
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