The Organized Playroom

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My son’s playroom is the last room I pass before making my way up the stairs for the night.  Some nights, I’ve found myself delaying bedtime by 30 minutes to tidy it up before turning in.  Other nights, I’ve been less take-charge and simply ignored the disaster area hoping the cleaning fairy would take care of it while I slept.  No matter my approach, one thing was certain:  tomorrow night I would be faced with the same mess.  The same debate.  The same fate for the following day.

Recently, however, I have discovered an organization system for my son’s playroom that has left the mess gods brooding.  While dropping my son off at preschool, I was complaining to a fellow toddler-mom about my dilemma.  She leaned in closely as if to share a secret of astronomical proportions.  What she said instead was one word that would change my life: “bins.”  You can get them at Target or Walmart or just about anywhere.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  But, these bins all share one thing in common: snap lids that are extremely difficult for a toddler to open.

This mom – goddess mom – explained that I should place my son’s toys in bins by category… cars in one bin, trains in another, trucks in a third, etc etc.  I should open one bin at a time during play.  If my son wanted to move on to another bin, all the stuff from bin one had to be put away first.


My son’s playroom is organized now.  And clean.  I feel like a better mom.  Maybe it’s the 30 minutes of extra sleep I get each night.


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