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It can be a little overwhelming when you start creating  your nursery, especially if it’s your first one.  The best thing to do is cover your 4 essentials first such as crib, walls, floor and lighting.  I am a huge fan of Sam Simon designs, he paints amazing wall murals and canvas art that brings any room to life.  He does custom work or you can choose from his limited addition artwork.  So many cribs to choose from but I love Bellini’s Mercedes crib available in white, antique white, Mahogany, and espresso.  When it comes to bedding it is a very personal taste, start with your favorite colors and don’t forget to think outside the box.  I love mixing blues and pinks together, below is a set from Elizabeth Allen Atelier.  Now for the lighting, have fun, pick something bold!  This funky flower ball chandelier is from Maura Daniels, it is available in several different colors and can be ordered through several Bellini stores.

Once you completed those 4 essentials you can have fun with accessories.  I love to fill baskets with colorful stuffed animals or neutral ones if you have a lot of color in the room.  Happy Creating!

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Tracy Wild has over 15 years experience in the children’s industry from working behind the scenes at Ralph Lauren children’s wear and DKNY Kids. Before moving to North Carolina, Tracy helped manage the Connecticut Bellini showroom, doing buying and running their online boutique, the bean’s closet. She is also a mom to Julia and Max.
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