Stacking Throne

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What an amazing idea for a kids chair!! Even though this chair is not available to purchase, I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Stacking Throne by Laurens Van Wierigen    Material: Foam, soft coating, lacquered wood & steel  Size: 92,5 x 74,5 x 85,5  Type: prototype for Bodile, Simone & Maurice  The Stacking Throne was a private commission and especially designed for 1 year old girl, Bodile.  She can now use it throughout her life. 4 of 5 foam parts can be taken out and used as her imagination suits her. Some girl’s just get lucky!


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Deborah Acquino is the owner of LotAspots, a company that sells children’s personalized accessories. Visit to see the latest designs. She has 3 children and resides outside of Charleston, S.C. with her husband Chris and 2 dogs, Simon and Skippy.
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