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I want my son to have the perfect playroom.  Consequently, I’ve spent way to much time perusing toy catalogs in search of the perfect products.  I’ve also spent way too much money outfitting the space.  Yet, despite these (valiant?) efforts, at the end of the day, I have ended up disappointed.  Why?  Because I’ve made hasty purchases without planning for long-term needs.  Experience and time have revealed to me those playroom “essentials” that stand the test of time and therefore, are worth the investment.

Activity Table

Activity tables keep playthings at eye-level height for your little one and evolve in purpose as your little one grows.  They can be used for building legos, making art, playing with trains, pretend play, dollhouse bases, and storage, and are great for group play.  Invest in a sturdy, well-constructed table, like the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table, and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits for years to come.

Melissa & Doug Activity Table

Melissa & Doug Activity Table

Storage Cubbies

Why make a tough task more difficult than it needs to be?  Keep your kid’s playroom neat by investing in some quality storage cubbies.  Not only should these cubbies be functional and able to hold a lot of toys, but they also should be accessible to your little one.  Cubbies with open fronts than enable your child to see what’s inside are preferred, as are cubbies with a ledge to keep all the toys from being swiped out when you’re not looking.  The Land of Nod makes some great cubbies in a handful of colors to match your playroom.

Land of Nod Storage Cubbies

Land of Nod Storage Cubbies

Toddler Chair

Little ones like nothing more than feeling like big kids.  Toddler chairs makes this possible, by providing toddlers a comfy spot to climb into to read, watch tv or be like mommy.  These chairs are lightweight and easily portable from room to room to fit your toddler’s needs.  Buy an oversized chair and your little one can use the chair into elementary school.  Pottery Barn Kids makes some fabulous toddler chairs that can be personalized and make the perfect gift.

Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs

Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs

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