I got inspired to write this blog post when a few friends led me to a recent NY Times article on a home organizer who services Manhattan’s elite. Barbara Reich makes it her life’s work to organize other people’s clutter to make their living space make more sense.

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So I decided to share some of my own organizing tips with you in exchange for you sharing some of your hidden secrets with our readers.  (Be sure to comment on this post!)

1.  Zip Lock Bags-Clear bags are the key to putting lots of little things in one neat spot.

2.  Find fun storage options- use canvas or straw baskets that can not only serve as decor but also as functional ways to store toys, coupons, pens, remote controls etc.

3.  Put it away now, instead of later-  When things pile up they become overwhelming.  So clean it up as the mess gets made.

4.  Seasonal cleaning-you should be cleaning out your pantry, kids clothing drawers, your closet, your car and your toy chest 4 times a year.  This way things that are broken, or no longer fit get weeded out on a regular basis.  Put these dates in your calendar so you don’t forget. (Tip-if you haven’t worn it in 2-3 years get rid of it).

5.  Get the family involved-My daughter loves when we do an “organizing” of her room.  She actually has fun trying on her clothes or putting her books into piles.  It doesn’t have to be a daunting task or one you need to do alone.

6.  When all else fails, get help-If you know you are hopelessly disorganized solicit help.  The first step is admitting there is a problem.  After that you can find an expert that knows what they are talking about.  It could be a fabulous mother’s day or birthday gift.

Remember share your tips with buzz readers, leave a comment. :)

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One Response to New Year’s Resolution # 1-Get Organized

  1. Nealey Levi says:

    Great tips!!

    Here’s another:

    Always have a bag or box designated for donation items in your house. Whenever you come across something you don’t want or need, just throw it in the donation bag rather than back into the space it was taking up.

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