We had the exciting opportunity to chat with Margaret from Blauen Linens. When we think of Blauen we thing Classic, Pure, and exquisite details.  For 27 years she only uses premier quality linens for her ruffled skirts, bumpers and pillows.  When are customers come into  our Bellini stores and ask for Blauen bedding sets, we know they already know what they are expecting, beautifully hand picked fabrics. Along with her delicate ribbons, lace and trimmings all of her custom made embroideries are all colored and produced in Europe.  You can always tell her linens are custom made and individually hand tailored.

1. What inspired you to start your own bedding business?

My passion to create exquisite baby linens comes mainly from my childhood and the wonderful influence of my grandfather, a master tailor.  With Blauen, I can bring luxurious fabrics, opulent trimmings, and old world craftsmanship to one of my favorite places, the nursery.  For above all, what drives me to create bedding are the babies, the babies everywhere. I strive to pamper them, and their families, with beauty and with comfort.

2. In 3 words how would you describe your bedding sets?

Traditional, beautiful, luxurious….

3.When creating your bedding sets, what inspires you?

The Inspiration for our Blauen  Collection stems from both my memories and from everything around me–from the images and music that constantly fill my min to the delicate, lace edged weed that I stop to admire on my way to my studio.

4. Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new designs or any new products added to  the Blauen Collection?

While Blauen continues to offer the soft, pastel Egyptian cotton damasks for which we are best known, and all cotton Piques and quilted cottons, this summer we have been inspired by the smoothness and freshness of 100% linen. We now offer our baby bedding in white, washed linen in any combination of our trimmings and batiste embroideries.  This autumn we will launch Blauen’s colorful and sophisticated Pinpoint Oxford cotton, and 100% linen collections for babies, children and adults.  Plus, new designs are always on the way!


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