Charn & Company is one of Bellini’s favorites, from fabulous lamps and chandeliers to adorable bookends. We love how they use fabrics from companies such as Newport Cottages,  Elizabeth Allen Atelier,  and House Inc., or send them your own and you have a custom design.  Charn Pennewaert started Charn & company 17 years ago and has been going strong ever since.  Charn & Company is always designing new products with a fresh look. We really enjoyed speaking with her, we hope you enjoy reading about her!

1.What inspired you to create beautiful lighting and room decor?

As far as I could remember, both my parents were very talented lighting and furniture designers.  I remember playing around bolts of beautiful silk fabrics and admiring my father’s sketches of furniture.  I would receive drawing lessons from my father and my mother offered me sewing projects with leftover material.  I love the cottage style and how life’s collections come together to create my home.  Our memories are so important and I am excited to share with you my fond memories of being creative with the simple things in life.  An exquisite lamp or lighting fixture really does make a difference in a home.  It adds warmth and completes the home.  I love how fabrics light up and enjoy creating combinations for my customers.  Each piece is special and custom made.

2. What’s your best selling product?

That’s a hard question since we have so much to offer.  In lighting, our new modern pendents really have been well received.  The chambray fabrics with red welting or white welting is simple yet so attractive.  From our Bella decor collection, our heart shaped bookends and step stools in shabby pink are our best sellers.  They make great gifts and are both practical and decorative.

3. What 3 words best describe Charn Pennewaert?

I would describe myself as being creative, spontaneous, and passionate.  I love what I do and enjoy coming up with new designs each season.  Life is full of possibilities and I look forward to leaning new things everyday.  Being spontaneous and knowing that nothing is set in stone is important.  Most importantly, I love it when customers ask” if it is possible to do this with that”. I love saying “of course it is!”

4. Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new designs or any new products to the Charn collection?

With the success of our pendents, we are looking forward to introducing modern lamps and compliment.  We have been receiving many requests to develop our boy’s line of decor and lighting.  We are also working on a cornice box collection, offering custom sizes with beautiful appliques.

We are also working on a project for a very special military family.  Helping this family receive a nursery makeover and giving back to our loyal service men and women is something we are very proud of!



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