Kid-Friendly Holiday Decor

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Decorating for the holidays is fun and exciting and a great way to share the holiday spirit with your little one.  Unfortunately, much holiday décor is not baby/toddler-friendly.  Get into the spirit this holiday season while taking the following precautions to keep your little on safe:

1.  Go with non-breakable materials:  plastic, metal, wood, fabric, foam, and paper.  Check out these great snowflake mirror decals that add just the right amount of cheer without fear:

2.  Focus on decorations that are soft, padded, and cushioned; these items are ideal for little ones to play with.

3.  Use fake plants inside.  Berries and leaves can be toxic, causing a skin rash, allergic reaction, or upset stomach and some are fatal if swallowed.

4.  Opt for flameless candles (battery operated, etc).  Love this flameless hannukah menorah:

5.  When decorating a tree, use big ornaments, trim, or décor in kid-friendly materials, especially within reaching distance of little ones (keep small ornaments and lights at the top of your tree).  Check out these adorable felt ornaments available on Etsy:

6.  Avoid decorations with small items like beads, safety pins, buttons, tacks, or glitter.  Check out this amazing paper garland available on Etsy:

7.  Avoid artificial trimmings that look like candy or food.

8.  Inspect lights for frayed wires, loose connections, and broken sockets.

Happy and Safe Decorating!


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