Get that Lamp a New Hat!

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Sometimes when you feel an update on décor is due it is fun to give your lamps a new shade. Interesting shapes and sizes will shed light on the subject with a new twist.

The options are fabulous from feathers, ribbons, fringe and rhinestones to tutus and tiffanies. Dress it up or dress it down.

One new look is hand painted silk lined shades that can be customized for you. You can personalize with a name (as Simon says in his recent blog), favorite sports, or family crests.

That lamp that was your grandmother’s can be re-cycled with a shade using the same fabric in your new bedding set and trimmed with tassel fringe, dangling beads or ruffles, or all of them!

Check out these styles:

Hand painted lampshades add a customized flair.

Get That Lamp a New Hat!

Personalize for an added touch.

Feathers, ruffles, ribbons and tutus! Oh my!

All these shades are from the creative studio of I Lite 4 You, available at Bellini.

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