I think there are many people like me who have a collection of paint chips  in a drawer waiting for the day when we would finally get around to changing the color of a room in our house. You know…that project that we just don’t get to or just never could decide on that perfect color. leptitpapillon.etsy.com

I found a couple of creative people who gathered enough paint chips to create objects for  a room without having to decide on just that one perfect color. lilsproutcreations.etsy.com

And I even found a project for your child’s room that you can create yourself if you were ready to clean out your collection of paint chips gathering in your drawer.

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About Deborah

Deborah Acquino is the owner of LotAspots, a company that sells children’s personalized accessories. Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/candicenkatiesart to see the latest designs. She has 3 children and resides outside of Charleston, S.C. with her husband Chris and 2 dogs, Simon and Skippy.
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2 Responses to Fun Decorating With Paint Chips

  1. Sandra says:

    What paper punch did you use? Where did you buy it? Thanks!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Sandra
    Please go to the link and you will be able to purchase those decor items. It was a product to be purchased.
    Thanks for stopping by the Bellini Buzz

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