My recent obsession is window seats and I just love them for kid’s rooms or playrooms.  There are so many different ways you can decorate them, add tons of pillows and include storage at base of seat.  Always add a soft cushion, makes for a perfect reading nook for the kids.  Make a color story matching your bedding fabric with the cushion and pillows, Bellini’s design consultants always do a great job with that. 

Keeps the playroom neat and organized, the cubby space is great here.


Simple elegant and beautiful, perfect for a girl’s room. I just love everything about it, the fabric and color choices.

If you don’t have a bay window that allows you to add a window seat, you can always create one under a small window.  The talented women at Little Crown Interiors created a window seat that looks built in and has all of my favorites, storage and pillows.

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Tracy Wild has over 15 years experience in the children’s industry from working behind the scenes at Ralph Lauren children’s wear and DKNY Kids. Before moving to North Carolina, Tracy helped manage the Connecticut Bellini showroom, doing buying and running their online boutique, the bean’s closet. She is also a mom to Julia and Max.
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