They were earth tones, autumn colors, citrus colors, jewel tones, and primaries amongst many others. We went from maroon to wine to burgundy by tweaking the shade and modernizing the lingo. These were the trends gone by.

It takes approximately 20 years for a color trend to flash back into existence. For example, we re-discovered the 40’s in the 60’s, the 50’s in the 70’s; and the 70’s in the 90’s share the psychedelic fluorescent colors that are still surfacing in the last few years.

So what’s up now? Color trends are like predicting the stock market. Sometimes you are right on and sometimes you could be way off!

Color Trends Predicted for 2010

Did the trends hold for 2010 in home furnishings? Well, let’s see:

For baby girls it was declared to be soft lavenders, not dark purples, representing luxury and elegance. Mixing with silver or soft gray and white as chocolate brown tones make their swan song for another decade. But pink, white with a touch of silver stayed true.

For baby boys green, specifically moss green, removes kelly, sage and lime as passé. Accent the moss with khaki, natural and off whites and soft golds for an updated earthy feel. Grey and aqua were predicted and did find their popularity. Cool aqua, pale yellow and white moved up the line. However, the traditional primary colors along with denim are always appealing to the future sports buff.

For unisex, (a most dated phrase), jump into the neutrals, i.e. beige, ecru, ivory, white with a contrasting trim. They trend any year in my book. Or else it is green, yellow, blue but somehow no pink if the new born is indeed a girl. (One of my pet peeves!)

For tweens teens, well, now we get into the “who gets to choose” stage.
When I was a teen I begged to paint my walls black. No go, said my parents. Well I finally got my dream with my black guest room, soft grey ceiling and white trim. Great for wall art, i.e. posters, photos and paintings. And I would have loved at 16 just as much.

Predicted Trends for 2011

I have found that the home furnishings industry follows the clothing industry by about 1 year. Therefore, what we are wearing today, we will be sleeping in or sitting on the next year or two.

Okay, now that I may have confused you, I have come to the conclusion that choosing the tones you live with and not wear, are probably going to be pretty constant. We need to be surrounded by colors make us feel good both visually and emotionally.

My two predictions for 2011 is (or could be) : Lime green/purple to amethyst; yellow/orange/lime green/blue.

Barbie is Loving Purple!

Sharp and Clean in Sky Blue and Lime Green

Sizzling Red and Yellow.....

The rest I will leave up to you. What do you think will be the raging rave for 2011? I am anxiously awaiting your comments and choices.

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Andrea Totten has been called a trend setter designer for furniture, upholstery and bedding for nursery and children’s rooms. Andrea loves to create upscale décor for all budgets by utilizing family heirlooms combined with the new, safe products of today’s market. She loves playing tennis and golf with her 8 year old grandson and resides in Pasadena, California.
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