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How to add your child’s favorite color without over doing it? I am in the process of updating my son’s bedroom and he wants to be involved in the creative process. Although, his creative mind wants to see his favorite color orange from ceiling to floor. So how do we meet in the middle?  I am adding in ornage in areas or objects that will pop!  We decided to paint the back of his book shelves orange, so his favorite Legos would really stand out.

We are bringing in the orange in his bedding but just in a pillow or a throw blanket. Having the bedding more of a navy or gray will allow the smaller items pop with the accent orange color.  The inspiration came from this idea where they made the upholstered headboard pop with orange.

The final decor piece we wanted to make pop with orange was lighting.  I couldn’t see his ceiling fan in orange, so we added a smaller lamp with an orange base on his night table. I loved this lamp on a blue piece so it was the perfect final touch.

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Tracy Wild has over 15 years experience in the children’s industry from working behind the scenes at Ralph Lauren children’s wear and DKNY Kids. Before moving to North Carolina, Tracy helped manage the Connecticut Bellini showroom, doing buying and running their online boutique, the bean’s closet. She is also a mom to Julia and Max.
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