Clients are always asking me “what do I do with all of my children’s art?”.  I usually say hang it up on the wall….I love fun art from the kiddies! I just had a client frame one of her 5 year old’s paintings. We hung the “young Picasso’s” painting in the family room over the mantel…it looks incredible. Here are some really cool (and affordable) ideas for displaying lots of art.

The multiple frame idea looks fun and happy....

Scan art then "shrink" it.... frame into an awesome collage!

Here is another…scanned option…It would be cool to do one for each season…FYI.. great gift for the grandparents too!

LOVE the the childrens names added at the bottom...CLEVER!

This is the easiest way and you can always “rotate” your art.


Great idea if you have multiple artist! (hardware Ikea Dignitet system)

I love this….But I wish I had a better picture….I would use more metal trays!

Metal trays and magnets... pretty cool!

One more!!

I think this is just the wooden pant hangers!


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One Response to Back to school…means more beautiful artwork!

  1. Jason says:

    These are great ideas! I loved all the framed pictures in the first photo and would like to do something similar. Our child’s playroom wall is covered in artwork and we love it and friends who visit really seem to love it as well. Kids art just lights up a room.

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