Do your Prep work.

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Up until know, you probably haven’t given much thought as to how much furniture can fit in your designated nursery space. And it’s not just about square feet! Seemingly large spaces become smaller when  you take into consideration large windows, closets, heating/ AC units and existing furniture. Map out your space before you make any major decisions and keep your measurements handy when furniture shopping.

Get Educated.


While most of us are aware that drop side cribs were banned almost 5 years ago, there are still many things you should know about the furniture you are purchasing. Decide what is important to you and within your budget and buy accordingly. Product reviews from actual parents are great but always research the vendor’s or retailer’s website for information as well.
It’s normal to have an idea of what colors or theme you want before you even step foot in a baby store..but try and stay focused on the essentials before your move on to decor. Custom furniture can take up to 16 weeks so you don’t want to miss your opportunity to get the pieces that you need in time for your new arrival. Everything will fall in place, you will have your key items in time, and you will end up with a livable space that you and your baby will enjoy.

Budget Accordingly.


You don’t have to go over budget to create the nursery of your dreams. One trick to staying on budget is to choose a focal point ( a cool rug, a colorful dresser or a  family heirloom) and build your nursery around that one piece. You can also shop your own home for items that can maybe be used in the nursery. Have a bookshelf or chest you rarely use? Consider saving some money by placing it in the nursery.

Glide On.

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Speaking of key pieces – choose your glider wisely. While there are many styles on the market – make sure you choose a glider based on comfort and space – not solely on looks. Most companies offer a  myriad of fabrics to choose from that will be sure to match your decor.

Think beyond the Nursery.

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Remember, while this is a nursery – you probably do not want to start over in two when you realize your little one is not a baby anymore. Choose case pieces (ie. dressers, chests etc) and decor that will transition to a little boy or little girl room without too much fuss. As your family expands, you will appreciate furniture that will still fit in as your family grows.

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