There you are comfy and cozy in your glider; baby snuggled in your arms. And you need to grab a tissue or burp towel quickly. You look around but nothing is in arm’s reach. Oh goodness, if you only had a small side table to hold those things close by like the bottle, towel, tissues and yes, a family photo.

Here’s one that marries art with function – a round, small table 16x16x23 that fits in perfectly size-wise. The hand painted, custom designed accent to your décor is also useful on a daily basis.

Another product from the same company is a hamper, 12x12x24, for baby’s delicate items that need to be washed separately. It has a removable rim that holds a liner securely as you lift the lid. Also hand painted to coordinate with your nursery theme and design. What a lovely way to “hide” the laundry.

Both products are available at Bellini stores nationwide. A great gift idea for a baby shower.

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Andrea Totten has been called a trend setter designer for furniture, upholstery and bedding for nursery and children’s rooms. Andrea loves to create upscale décor for all budgets by utilizing family heirlooms combined with the new, safe products of today’s market. She loves playing tennis and golf with her 8 year old grandson and resides in Pasadena, California.
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