When I first saw the Orbit Travel System at the ABC Kids Expo a few years back, I thought it was a cool idea. But would people buy such a modern stroller, that doesn’t look like anything else on the market? The answer is yes, they would and did. The Orbit quickly became one of the hottest products around, especially in Hollywood.

According to Coolspotters, 76 celebrities own Orbits. In fact, it’s the most spotted celebrity baby product to date. But why?

There are many theories on why it’s so popular in Hollywood. Obviously, there is nothing else like it. No one has been able to knock off an Orbit yet like they have the Bugaboo. But it’s also the greenest stroller on the market too. The micro-fiber upholstery fabric of all Orbit seats is certified by the International Oeko-Tex Association. Orbit is the first and only car seat or stroller company to achieve this certification for any fabrics, let alone all fabrics used. So you can see why the green moms in Tinseltown love it.

Another great feature though is the ability to use the toddler car seat as part of the travel system. Besides the Sit N Stroll, the Orbit is the only other stroller that does this. It’s very convient for parents, especially those living in places like NYC or other taxi cities.

But whatever the reason may be, Orbit isn’t losing its popularity anytime soon. The redesigned G2 strollers have been a hit and Orbit finally launched in Canada this year.

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